Slide A smart, 360° guest communication app for hotels. Enhance your personalized guest experience and streamline hotel operations using your guests preferred communication platform. REQUEST DEMO MORE INFORMATION MindFlow Hotel Assistant Slide Indoor map, navigation, search and feedback platform for large buildings such as malls, airports, hotels. REQUEST DEMO MORE INFORMATION InMapper Slide Put a fully customized live chat tool on your website. Create a help center for your bussiness and integrate live chat to provide self-service Support to your customers. REQUEST DEMO MORE INFORMATION Live Support ChatBot Systems
“What Will the  Future Bring to Us?”
We are working for offer you the best service in the accommodation sector in the fastest way and in a package with the motto “What Willthe Future Bring to Us” …
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100 M+


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75 M+


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MindFlow Hotel Assistant Beyond Borders Hotel Assistant Application
Offer your guests a personalized world while offering your hotel services. While your guests continue their holidays with a social application designed using the gamification technique, you can follow the feedback instantly and respond to their requests and needs. Increase both your satisfaction rates and your profitability.
Infoset Omnichannel-Chatbot and Live Support Systems
Are both guests and staff dissatisfied due to late or incorrectly transmitted information to the operation?

No matter where your guests are at the facility, they can contact with you and quickly send their requests and get their answers.

InMapper Your Indoor Guide
Indoor map, navigation, search and feedback platform for large buildings such as malls, airports, hotels.
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  1. There are 1 million 73 thousand 500 facilities providing accommodation services throughout the World. 402 thousand 933 of these hotels serve in the star facility category.                                                                                      BoltData 2019
  2. According to the data of 2019, the ministry announced that the total bed capacity is 1 million 715 thousand 200, 992 thousand 34 with operation certificate, 180 thousand 852 with investment certificate, 542 thousand 314 with municipality certificate.
    AKTOB 2020
  3. 94% of business travelers and 80% of leisure travelers want to use mobile apps to request services. 49% of travelers want to use mobile apps and devices to communicate with hotel staff.
    Oracle  – Hotel Online 2020
  4. Guest recommend +75% more to brands that offer personalized services and use their services. 35% of hotel guests said they would like to Schedule room cleaning, and 26% would like to receive a smartphone notification that their room has been cleaned.
    Oracle – Broadridge 2019

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